Internet Policy

The Internet is a constantly changing and unregulated media, allowing access to ideas and information from throughout the world. Since it is a global, electronic network, there is no state/county/local control over its contents. While the Internet offers access to a wealth of materials that are personally, professionally, and culturally enriching, it also enables access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing, and/or illegal. The library has no control over the reliability of the Internet and is not responsible for its content (from the Ellensburg Public Library Internet Policy, 2005).

The Roslyn Public Library requires that parents or guardians sign the Internet User Agreement for any children (under 18 years old) wishing to use the Internet. Library staff is not responsible for what children access, what games they play, or for the email they send and receive. A parent or guardian is the only appropriate supervisor of their child’s use of the Internet. The library does not filter content accessed on the Internet. By signing the agreement, parents or guardians take full responsibility for their child, including damage to equipment caused by improper care or vandalism.

Adult users agree to the provisions of this policy implicitly by signing the Computer Sign-In log sheet, which states at the top:

“I have read and I understand the Roslyn Public Library Internet Policy, revised November, 2008. I agree to use the Roslyn Public Library’s computer system in accordance with this policy.”

Individual users may sign up for 30 minute slots, and may continue if no one else is waiting. If no one has signed up in advance, slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Special time limits may be put in place at the discretion of library staff, as in the case of youth playing Internet games.

Internet users must understand that this is a public library and that they are not allowed to access sites with content inappropriate for children. Accessing inappropriate websites may result in the loss of computer privileges. The Board of Trustees has adopted statements that adhere to the principles of intellectual freedom; however, in the case of Internet use, it is the Board’s policy to restrict certain kinds of viewing in our public facility. Inappropriate use shall be defined at the discretion of library staff and may include viewing pornographic and/or violent material.

This policy in its entirety also pertains to people using their own computers to access the library’s wireless Internet connection. Library staff may ask wireless users to refrain from viewing streamed audio or video or downloading large files due to bandwidth limitations. Wireless users are responsible for configuring their own equipment to access the wireless network; however, library staff will be available to assist you to the extent of their abilities. Information is unencrypted and not protected using the library’s wireless network.

All Internet users are responsible for what they view, download, upload, purchase and communicate while using library computers.


Altering programs, files, and the “desktop” and downloading programs without permission are strictly forbidden and may result in the loss of computer privileges.

There shall be no more than 2 people at a computer station at one time, unless authorized by library staff.

Library staff and volunteers are available to assist with research, or to conduct reference searches for patrons, as time permits.

Computer users must notify staff immediately of any equipment or software malfunction. If you need assistance, please ask.

Adopted by the Roslyn Library Board of Trustees 2000, Revised August, 2005, Revised November, 2008.

Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.