Art in the Library

The Roslyn Library is a great place to view art of all kinds and from all corners of the globe.

There is a strong permanent collection of art featuring local and locally-relevant subject matter. The permanent collection rotates on a seasonal or annual basis. When art is not on display, it is kept in a secure and safe environment on site. All of the permanent art is inventoried. The library also hosts traveling exhibits or displays for up to 3 months at a time. There is a wide variety of styles and forms represented in both the permanent collection and in rotating exhibits.

The Art in Our Library committee serves as the coordinating force for all rotating art exhibits, for calls for art and art acquisitions, and for creating and maintaining display spaces in the library.

There are special areas inside the library designated for rotating exhibits, for children’s or students’ art, and for three dimensional art work. All of these spaces are set up and maintained to give the art the best display possible. Safety and security of the art and ease of rotation are important considerations. There are place cards that name each piece, the artist, the medium, and the cost of the piece, if applicable.

The library’s website serves as a virtual display space by showcasing digital thumbnails of the art that is on display and information about the artists that created it.

The library’s collection of books and other materials enhances and complements the art in the library.

There is sculptural art on the library grounds connecting the building to the Coal Mines Trail and to the downtown center.

The Roslyn Library serves as a display venue for local art organizations.


The purpose of the Art in Our Library program is to provide a structured means to:

  • collect and display a permanent art collection at the library;
  • exhibit temporary displays of art at the library ;
  • utilize the historic library building as a venue for displaying art;
  • support art and artists, especially local and regional artists;
  • include, enhance and highlight the library’s collection of books and other materials about art and artists;
  • collaborate with the area’s art community, including the Roslyn Art Guild, the Roslyn Art Walk, the High Country Artists, student art through the local schools, and private galleries and associations;
  • further the library’s mission to provide lifelong learning.


Our audience for the Art in Our Library program is people of all ages, all backgrounds, and from all walks of life. They are residents of the community of Roslyn, residents of the surrounding community of the Upper County, and are visitors to our area. They are lovers of the arts and culture. They may use libraries all of the time, or they may be new to the public library experience. The Art in Our Library committee reflects this audience.


  • Create an inventory of existing art in the library’s collection;
  • Create a wish list of desired art to add to the library’s collection;
  • Develop a procedure, including selection criteria, review process, and display space and methods, for acquiring new art for our permanent collection through purchases and donations;
  • Develop and maintain a procedure for rotating art displays, including selection criteria, review process, display space and methods, display time frames, and setting responsibilities and deadlines;
  • Create and maintain an Art in Our Library presence on the Roslyn Library’s website to serve as another “space” to display art;
  • Cultivate a Five Percent for Art fund through the Friends of the Roslyn Library to fund art purchases and to pay for displaying and maintaining art.


Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.